March 25, 2024

Chambers Bay Sunset Portraits | Amanda Howse Photography 

Chambers Bay Sunset Portraits

Our senior gal Miss CeCe had a quintessential summer session for her Chambers Bay sunset portraits. If you aren’t from the Seattle-Tacoma area, you might not know that Chambers Bay is a go-to spot for high school seniors, kids, dogs, and just about everyone in the city. As soon as the sun comes out, people venture outside and flock to Chambers Bay to enjoy the beaches, walking paths, and the fresh breeze from Puget Sound. It’s the perfect spot to soak up the sunshine and take some out-of-this-world senior portraits! 

Redheads Have All the Fun!

While you might have heard the saying “Blondes have more fun,” I think it’s time to amend that saying. Being a redhead myself, I know firsthand that those with red hair have more fun than anyone! Especially when two of us get together! Each year I try to have at least one other redhead on the team, and this year I had the pleasure of meeting Miss CeCe. CeCe has been so fun to get to know. Her shy personality completely disappears when she gets in front of the camera and reveals a whole new senior. Whether getting portraits taken or just chatting about life, CeCe has everyone’s love and I am so happy she joined the AHP community!

Puget Sound Senior Session

All day long, CeCe had the best cheerleading section for her session! Not only did she bring her mom along as support, but she also got to have her bestie there too. Even for seniors who aren’t naturally shy, inviting people they love to be a part of the experience can make all the difference. From getting your natural smile to show with a little joke to offering suggestions on poses, and catching hair and wardrobe mishaps, a support team can do a lot.  Like I always say, photoshoots are better with friends! They can even make a little rain during the shoot seem like no big deal! 

PNW Fashion and the AHP Style Closet

One of the things I loved about this shoot was how willing CeCe was to go to different locations and show so much of her style and different personalities. That is part of why we encourage seniors to bring at least one outfit change. Since CeCe is on the Class of 2024 Senior Team, she had unlimited hair and wardrobe changes, which allowed her to show off a variety of styles at each location we visited! She borrowed a few pieces from the AHP Style Closet (a treasure trove of the latest fashion trends, shoes, and accessories for seniors to pick from) including a dress and corset top. But the best piece of all had to be the jacket she brought from home. It was a retro style that her mom wore in college and added a sentimental touch I’m sure each of them will cherish for years to come! 

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Let’s Connect! 

Wondering what to wear to your senior portraits? Don’t stress, AHP is here to help! With our complementary wardrobe consultation, each of our seniors receives personalized style recommendations and one-on-one support well before the day of their session. Whether you like a more casual style, dressed up, or somewhere in between, our team is on the job! For more fashion guidance, check out our AHP Senior Style Guide on the blog. 

Chambers Bay Sunset Portraits | Amanda Howse Photography