June 5, 2023

2023 Senior Style Guide | Amanda Howse Photography 

2023 Senior Style Guide

If you’re nervous about what to wear for your senior portraits, AHP Senior has got you covered! This 2023 Senior Style Guide has everything you need to know about how to rock your senior photo day! From popular trends to senior portrait “Dos and Don’ts”, and everything in between, we’ve got advice to help ease your nerves and give you some top-of-the-line tips and tricks from my 20 years of professional experience! Let’s get started!

Senior Style Guide 2023 | Advice For High School Seniors and Their Parents | Photographed by the best Tacoma, Washington Senior Photographer Amanda Howse

Popular trends For the Class of 2023

This year was all about classic throwbacks and bold colors. If it was in the ‘90s, it probably made a comeback for this season’s round of senior portraits! Retro is in and we have some of the best fit ideas to inspire your very own throwback session. If you love the ‘70s, try on some high-waisted bell-bottom jeans, chunky shoes, and a cute tank top. Don’t forget to pair it with a set of fun sunglasses to complete the look! Or throw on some ’90s-inspired jewelry like a choker, big hoop earrings, or a nameplate necklace. Whatever your era of choice, make sure to stick with pieces from that specific era. It’ll help make your outfit look more cohesive and put together! 

What To Wear Guide For High School Seniors | Tips From a Professional Senior Photographer in Washington | Photographed by the best Tacoma, Washington Senior Photographer Amanda Howse

The Ultimate Senior Portrait Wardrobe

When it comes to putting together the ultimate senior portrait wardrobe, it is all about variety! We’re talking colors, textures, accessories, and the most popular trends. But we also know buying a new outfit for every occasion is simply not in the budget for most high school students. So, we’ve got you covered! We curated the AHP Style Closet to be chock-full of items to fit every kind of style. From fun hats to racks of jewelry and trendy tops and jackets. We add a little bit more each season. And as an AHP senior, you’ll have access to it all!! Including a pre-session wardrobe consult where we help you pick the right pieces to fit your style, location, and season! After all, it wouldn’t be the ultimate Washington senior portrait experience if you had to stress about how to dress! 

Save This to Make Your Senior Portrait Sessions a Breeze | What To Wear Guide For High School Senior Portraits | Photographed by the best Tacoma, Washington Senior Photographer Amanda Howse

A Few Portrait Session Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few quick tips you can follow to ensure you look and feel your best during your senior portrait session! DO pick outfits that compliment your skin tone. Whether you have warm undertones or tend to fall onto the cooler end of the spectrum, matching your outfits with the colors that highlight your features can help elevate your senior portraits! But DON’T wear the same color throughout your entire session. We want your portraits to have a lot of variety and wearing all one color can look repetitive. DO wear tailored clothing that accentuates your best assets, but DON’T bring anything too tight or uncomfortable. You’ll need to be able to sit, squat, and pose without being restricted. For even more advice (73 pages to be exact!), head to the latest What To Wear Guide for 2023. And don’t forget to save the day for someone else and send them this post! Trust me, they’ll thank you! 

AHP Senior Style Guide For 2023 | Tips From a Professional Senior Photographer | Photographed by the best Tacoma, Washington Senior Photographer Amanda Howse

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2023 Senior Style Guide | Amanda Howse Photography