November 30, 2023

Editorial Rooftop Shoot | Amanda Howse Photography 

Editorial Rooftop Shoot

I met up with my girl Jessie this summer for a special editorial rooftop shoot! Jessie was a member of the AHP Class of 2023 Model Team. If you have been following along on our blog or social media, you know Jessie is no stranger to the camera. We have done tons of portrait work together including a trendy floral shoot at Studio253 which you can check out here! This time, we wanted to bring more of that “fun in the sun” energy out of the studio and into Downtown Tacoma!

Reuse and Recycle: Prom Dress Edition!

If you have gone to prom, you know the struggle of finding the perfect dress only to wear it for a couple of hours! It feels like a waste not to show it off more than once. I felt the same way about my wedding dress, which is why I planned a cute anniversary shoot 10 years later wearing the same dress! Jessie didn’t wait nearly as long to reuse her prom dress, scheduling a rooftop shoot to get some stunning pictures with her and the Tacoma Skyline! And girl did she bring it!

Fun in the Tacoma Sun

While we loved the breezy, prom dress portraits, we couldn’t just stop at one outfit! Jessie wanted to make the most of the sunny weather and get some Cali-inspired portraits. Perfect for summer! She changed into her more casual outfits, rocking a black tank top and jeans, plus an adorable overall dress and Converse. Jessie has got some great style and an even better attitude that she brought to this shoot! Give the girl a pair of sunglasses and she is ready to pose, pose, pose. 

Model Team Bonus Shoot

When you join the Model Team, there are endless ways to snag bonus shoots, plan custom-designed sessions, and get in front of the camera with your BFF, BF/GF, or furry friend! Not all of the girls on the team want extra shoots, but for those who do, there are many options. If you are working on a budget, like most high schoolers I know, we can even arrange a “trade” situation, swapping work for shoots! Some of my past team girls who are interested in photography, make-up, and fashion, also like this opportunity to get some hands-on work experience in the industry before they graduate! And I get the bonus of spending more time with some AH-mazing young women! Head down to the “Let’s Connect” section to learn how to get in touch! 

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Let’s Connect!

Thinking of joining the Senior Team with the Class of 2025? We can’t wait to meet you! Applications for our new team open on 12/1, so get your notifications ready! Head over to our AHP Senior Instagram to get the latest updates and watch for the link to drop! 

Editorial Rooftop Shoot | Amanda Howse Photography