December 6, 2023

Summertime Senior Portraits | Amanda Howse Photography

Summertime Senior Portraits

If you love everything about the warmest months of the year, you have to check out these summertime senior portraits taken in early September! Miss Janae’s session had all the things a girl could need to have the perfect summer day: sunshine, sundresses, the cutest sunflowers, and even some sunset beach portraits. Being a member of the Class of 2024 Model Team, Janae had lots of time to plan her ideal session and we were able to hit all the locations she wanted, even a secret new spot that hadn’t been photographed before! 

Starting Your Session at Studio253

We started this Bonny Lake Senior’s day out at Studio253. If you don’t know already, Studio253 is the home to my photography business and where the senior team and I spend lots of our time planning shoots, picking outfits, and where many of my clients get their hair and makeup done! During our monthly session, Janae normally does her own H+MU, but for this shoot, she had our lovely professional H+MU artist take over. After years of working with all types of clients, I have found this is the best way to ease people’s fears about scheduling appointments, boost their confidence, and make sure they love the way they look! 

PNW Portrait Locations That Feel Like Summer

There are so many great PNW locations for seniors to choose from when they are looking for spots that fit their style. Some of the best areas during the summer months are Ft. Stilly, Chambers Bay, and the CA-pink wall. We went to all of these stops on Janae’s shoot, and even added a fourth, secret location that had some more of the vibes she was looking for! Getting to spend so much time with this smiley senior I have learned so much about her. Fun Fact: it wasn’t until she joined the Model Team that she discovered her love for the camera. Now, modeling is her dream job that she is excited to pursue alongside dental hygienist school. So happy to watch as she keeps making her dreams a reality! 

Making the Most of the Summer Sunshine

One of the things I love most about our summer sessions is the sunshine! Not only do we get so much of it this time of year, but it also photographs so well. If you have taken portraits in the fall and winter months you know how different each season’s light is. During summer, we make the most out of our daylight hours, including magic hour! This is the time right before sunset when the sky is full of color and soft light. We used this time to get some stunning photos of Janae by the beach in her long, flowy, sundresses. Each portrait is AH-mazing and I can’t think of a better way to end a day already full of fun, than with a golden beach sunset! 

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Summertime Senior Portraits | Amanda Howse Photography