April 5, 2023

Flowers in the Studio | Amanda Howse Photography 

Flowers in the Studio

Ready to put your flower trend knowledge to the test? Playing with flowers in the studio for this shoot was not only so dreamy (who doesn’t secretly want to be surrounded by flowers all the time??) it was also a chance for us to try our hand at the latest photography trends circling the internet! Model Team members Delani and Jessie each picked a style and ran with it. Working together with the help of their teammate, they set about bringing their vision to life. And the results were to die for! This was the perfect shoot to welcome Spring 2023 to Studio253!

Creative Collab with the Class of 2023

This week, we hopped on the social media craze of shooting with flowers! We brought a huge bouquet of roses to the studio and let our creativity (and Pinterest) guide us. Delani is one of our Class of 2023 Model Team girls and currently working her way through cosmetology school (follow along on her journey here!) Naturally, she had to show off her skills and did her and her teammate’s hair for the shoot! Both models had their makeup done by Mallory, one of their fellow model team members who has done makeup for many of their other shoots! I love doing collabs like these with the girls. It helps aspiring artists learn their craft and practice with a group that is always ready to lend support! Head to the bottom of the page to read what Model Jessie had to say about the shoot!

Social Media Trends

The first trend we tried out was the #Flowerwear look, where models replace their tucked-in shirts with a display of flowers instead! While the original portraits are done topless, we improvised! Delani rocked the red roses and baby’s breath and added touches to make the shoot perfect for her. For Jessie’s shoot, we embraced the editorial pressed flower trend, using fresh flowers in her makeup and hairstyles. And check out her nails- she even had flowers on them too!! She’s all about the cute touches! We had so much fun with Jessie, experimenting with different colored gels on the background, not to mention all her adorable outfit changes. Comment below your fave set/color from these trends! We are dying to know what you think! 

#Flowerwear for Spring

How many of these flower trends have you heard of?? You’ve probably seen the #Flowerwear all over your Instagram feed. But 2023 has been a big year for flower-themed everything! From pressed flowers used in makeup routines, bold flower petals incorporated in hairstyles, and the popularity of flower-themed fashion at the Oscars. Everyone is ready for Spring! And at AHP, we couldn’t agree more! While it isn’t always a blessing how quickly ideas and trends spread through our social networks, it does lend a hand to artists and photographers alike. It’s been so much fun getting to recreate the various photography trends that the girls see throughout the year. You can check out our Fall photos in the park to see how we did with the “leaves in the umbrella” craze! 

Pressed Flower TikTok Trend | Amanda Howse PhotographyEditorial Studio Shoot | Gel Background and Dried Flowers | Amanda Howse PhotographyTrendy 2023 Portrait Session Ideas For High School Seniors | Amanda Howse PhotographyJessie | AHP Model Team Class of 2023 | Amanda Howse PhotographyEditorial Senior Style Session | Studio253 in Downtown Tacoma | Amanda Howse PhotographyBest Senior Year Experiences For Class of 2023 Senior Girls | Amanda Howse PhotographyFlowers on the Face Makeup Trend | AHP Model Team Styled Shoot | Amanda Howse PhotographyEditorial IG Flower Trends | Studio253 Senior Model Team Shoot | Amanda Howse Photography#Flowerwear Editorial Studio Shoot | AHP Models | Amanda Howse PhotographyTrendy Red Roses Portrait Session with AHP Senior Model | Amanda Howse Photography#Flowerwear Portraits in Downtown Tacoma Studio | Amanda Howse PhotographyDelani | AHP Model Team Studio Flower Portraits, Red Roses and Baby's Breath | Amanda Howse Photography

What Do the Models Have to Say??

This photo shoot was absolutely incredible! Having the privilege to be able to explore new things is such a gift. Amanda made me feel so comfortable even though I was doing something that I normally wouldn’t do. Not to mention, my hair and makeup artists KILLED it!” – Jessie, Model Team Class of 2023

Let’s Connect!

Social media trends are popular for a reason: because they are fun! And that is something I am all for! So, let me know what trends you want to try out next! Reach out on IG or head to my website to get in contact directly. I’d love to have you and your BFF come down to the studio for a creative shoot of your own!

Flowers in the Studio | Amanda Howse Photography