May 10, 2023

Prom Selfie Tutorial | Amanda Howse Photography

Prom Selfie Tutorial

Prom season is in full swing, so we thought it was time for a little prom selfie tutorial! Many of you will be going out and taking tons of fun photos to commemorate this special senior year ritual. With how AH-mazing I know you are all going to look, we want to make sure that your photos turn out just as fabulous! Follow these four tips during the night and you are sure to have some Instagram-worthy shots just waiting to be posted! 

Four Steps to a Better iPhone Photo

4 Easy Tips For Better Selfies with Friends | Amanda Howse Photography

1. Turn Towards the Light 

Lighting can easily make or break an image. The best way to make sure your photos are high quality is to find the best light available. This can be outside with the sun’s natural glow or by a window with soft light. Natural light is the best because it makes everyone look good! It warms your skin and gives it a radiant glow that looks great in photos. Want to take it a step further? Grab a whiteboard and have a friend hold it under your chin. The light will reflect off the board and up onto your eyes. Making them look brighter and well-rested! Don’t forget to switch so that your friends can get some bright-eyed shots too! 

2. Bring the Personality

A simple head tilt (away from the part in your hair) and a genuine smile can elevate your photo beyond measure. Of course, prom is also the perfect time to dish out your serious model team pout, or fun group poses. But you can never go wrong with a happy expression either! The best way to get a natural smile is to flash those gorgeous pearly whites just before you snap the pic. The longer a smile sits on your face, the more stale it can look. As long as you’re having fun and sharing a real laugh with friends, it won’t be hard to show off those authentic smiles! 

3. Watch Your Angles 

The usual rule for taking selfies is to keep your chin out and down, with the camera higher up (angling down on your face). Don’t forget that if your smartphone camera is too close to your face, it can actually make your forehead appear bigger than it actually is! So it’s best to snap from a further distance so as to not distort your face. Pro-Tip: ask your friend with the longest arms to snap the group shot so that everyone can fit in the frame and no one ends up too close to the camera! Or, ditch the selfie and prop the phone up (a water bottle will do in a pinch!) Set the timer to get everyone in a full body shot and really show off those prom fits. Try out whatever angles work best for you! 

4. Edit Lightly 

Now that you have your photo foundation, it’s time to edit! Only if you like! The main thing to remember when editing your photos is to NOT OVERDUE IT. Use a soft filter that allows your true skin texture, hair and eye color, and body shape to shine through. Trust us, you’re gorgeous without any alterations! Prom is all about celebrating your senior year and getting all glammed up to dance the night away with friends. You’ll want these photos to represent your authentic selves. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on the way to posting your perfect photos! So what are you waiting for? Grab your phones and start snapping! 

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Prom Selfie Tutorial | Amanda Howse Photography