June 8, 2020

Project Beauty 2019 | Amanda Howse Photography

Project Beauty 2019

Every year, I have an ah-mazing model team. These girls empower each other during group sessions, form close friendships, and support each other throughout the year. I love seeing them gain confidence and let their inner beauty shine. We had so much fun participating in the Project Beauty 2019 campaign.

Project Beauty is an awesome movement started by Thomas Nguyen to help seniors feel confident and beautiful. I recently shared the 2020 model team’s take on Project Beauty, and now I am throwing it back to 2019.

No Makeup Session

The 2019 AHP model team girls and I jokingly called this session the “nekkid shoot”, since the girls kept their faces nekkid with no makeup. The mission behind Project Beauty is stripping away all the makeup, filters, and contouring, along with the pressure to look a certain way. These girls deserve to feel beautiful in their own skin.

What to Wear for Project Beauty

In addition to a bare face, the girls wore simple outfits for this Project Beauty session. Jeans are a must, and the girls could wear a neutral colored shirt. Even though they had the same guidelines for what to wear, they each showcased their unique styles and personalities. Their outfits included denim overalls, cozy sweaters, ripped black jeans, and delicate accessories. These simple outfits made the portraits even more timeless.

Studio 253 Portraits

My studio in downtown Tacoma is the best spot for Project Beauty portraits. The studio is conveniently located, which makes it easy for all the model team members to gather together. I have so much fun bringing these girls in for regular sessions at the studio.

The studio’s minimalist aesthetic was a perfect fit for this session’s theme, and the natural light coming in from the windows was just gorgeous. I love that Project Beauty eliminates all the distractions – there is no need for props or decorations. The focus is on the girls and their natural beauty!

Seeing Themselves in a New Light

Getting the girls together for a group session always includes solo and group portraits. Group portraits are an ah-mazing way for them to remember the incredible team they were a part of! And Project Beauty lets these girls see themselves in a new light. I want the girls to have portraits that they can treasure forever.

We kept the poses simple, and I think the confidence that each girl has just shines through. They may have been nervous at first, but all that melted away in front of the camera!

I did not do any retouching on the girls’ portraits, so when they saw the final result they would know they were looking at themselves exactly how they are! Seeing their reactions is one of the best parts of these sessions. I am so glad I get to play a role in boosting their confidence and sharing the message that beauty comes from within.

Scroll through for #projectbeauty inspiration and stay tuned for more from the 2021 AHP team.

Project Beauty | Modern Senior Portraits by Amanda Howse Photography Simple Senior Portraits | Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse Modern Makeup-Free Portraits | High School Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Modern Senior Portraits | Confidence Boosting Photo Shoot for High School Seniors | Amanda Howse Natural Portraits without Makeup | Tacoma Senior Portraits by Amanda Howse Tacoma Senior Portraits | Project Beauty with Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Timeless Senior Portraits in Studio with Natural Light | Photographed by Amanda Howse Group and Solo Portraits at Tacoma Studio | Photographed by Amanda Howse Confident and Beautiful High School Senior Portraits | Photographed by Amanda Howse

“I really enjoyed doing the ‘Nekkid’ no makeup shoot because I was able to get behind the camera in my own skin, without a bunch of makeup on. I felt more comfortable because I was truly myself and embraced my real beauty. It has inspired me to like myself and feel more confident in my own skin!” – Gabby

Empowering Senior Portraits photographed by Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Featured Blog with Project Beauty Portraits | No Makeup Senior Portraits | Photographed by Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Amanda Howse Photography | Project Beauty Portraits of the 2019 AHP Model Team Studio Portraits in Tacoma | Natural Light | Timeless Outfit Inspiration for Senior Portraits photographed by Amanda Howse Project Beauty Portraits of High School Seniors with Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse Project Beauty Campaign in Tacoma | Studio 253 with Senior Photographer Amanda Howse High School Senior Girls in Denim and Neutral Tones for Project Beauty | Photographed by Amanda Howse Photography Fun Senior Portraits in Tacoma Studio | Amanda Howse Photography Classic Senior Portraits without Makeup | Project Beauty with Amanda Howse, Tacoma Senior Photographer

“Inner beauty can’t shine through makeup.“ – Cieara

High School Senior Portraits without Makeup or Retouching | Project Beauty Session with Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Studio 253 Bare Face Portraits for Project Beauty | Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse

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Project Beauty 2019 Shoot with Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse