November 20, 2019

The Five Things I Bring to Every Shoot | Amanda Howse Photography

The Five Things I Bring to Every Shoot

Every professional photographer has go-to items that they bring to every shoot. This ensures that the shoot goes according to plan. I have been a professional photographer for a long time (going on about 20 years now!), and these are the things I make sure to have with me at every senior portrait session.

1. My Gear

I wouldn’t be able to shoot a senior session without my gear. One of the many benefits of going with a pro for your senior portrait session is that we have all the gear for the best portraits, and we know how to use it! I always have my Nikon D700, D750, and D4 and my lenses. The Nikon 24-70MM and 85MM are my go-to lenses. I also have three more back-up camera bodies and numerous lenses and flashes. Having back-up cameras gives me peace of mind and ensures a smooth and seamless senior portrait session.

It is so important to be prepared for anything. Carrying different lenses, camera bodies, and flashes let me adapt to different lighting situations. I am able to capture you in your best light – inside and outside. And if you have seen some of my favorite senior portrait sessions on the blog, you’ll notice that all of them involve movement. I am often shooting dancers, gymnasts, and athletic seniors that aren’t afraid to jump around, do dancer poses, and even levitate!

5 Things I Bring to Every Session | Nikon Cameras & Lenses and a Portable Changing Tent | Amanda Howse Photography

2. A Portable Changing Tent

Every senior portrait session includes the option to change your outfit multiple times. For an Ordinaire Session, you get two to three outfit changes. The Le Diva Session comes with unlimited outfit changes. If you are wondering how we accomplish this during outdoor senior portrait sessions, here is my secret! I have a portable changing tent for every session. This changing tent folds up when we aren’t using it and pops up to accommodate you when it is time for an outfit change. No more holding up blankets or searching for a public restroom to change. You can change anywhere and everywhere with my portable changing tent. Voilà – très chic!

3. My Lighting Assistant & Reflector Holder

Having someone at your session to assist with lighting and hold a reflector helps you look your best! This is included with the Le Diva Session and can be added onto the Ordinaire Session. I highly recommend it. Not only does it make you feel like a professional model on-set, but it also makes you look like one.

Lighting is so important for portraits. Since light bounces off of a reflector, my lighting assistant can position it so that you get the best light for your portraits. This allows us to customize the light for every shot! It can also keep shadows off of your face, so we get to see all of your beautiful features.

Lighting assistant & a reflector are must-have items for the best senior portrait sessions with gorgeous lighting | Amanda Howse Photography

4. My Wagon

If you have ever packed for a day trip, you know how easy it is to end up with too much to carry. Add in outfit changes, camera gear, and accessories, and you need a wagon! I bring my wagon to every shoot to carry my things and yours. This keeps our hands free and provides a safe spot for everything we need to bring along.

The wagon makes it easy to carry all of your outfits and accessories. Since a Le Diva session comes with unlimited outfit changes, it might not be surprising to hear that the wagon fills up quickly. Having everything in a wagon makes it easy to move from spot to spot! We will likely explore different areas for your senior portraits to get gorgeous portraits with unique backgrounds. This makes it essential to have an easy way to carry all our things.

5. A Blanket & Accessories

I carry a few different blankets for each senior portrait session. These come in handy on the beach or in the park! You can wrap yourself up in a blanket for cozy senior portraits or lay one down on the sand so you can sit without messing up your outfit. I think blankets can also add a boho vibe to your senior session!

I also bring extra accessories with me to every session. Accessories are a great way to change up your look without changing your outfit. Hats are one of my favorite ways to amplify an outfit, so I bring a box of hats that go with the season! I keep up to date with current trends to make sure your senior portraits are fashion-forward. This means I also keep a jewelry box in the wagon filled with hoops, tassel earrings, necklaces, and Pura Vida bracelets. I also bring sunglasses and other fun accessories so you can effortlessly switch up your look.

On-set Hair and Makeup for Senior Portraits so you look your best | Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse

6. My Fun Attitude

As an added bonus, the sixth thing I bring to every shoot is my fun, chill attitude. I am here to make you feel your absolute best. This means I help calm you down if you are feeling nervous or anxious about your session. I also love to make you laugh! Your senior portrait session should be fun and carefree, and my laid-back attitude helps create that atmosphere. I also have years of experience and know all the different poses that will make you look extra fab.

These six things are the most important things for me to bring to every senior portrait session. They ensure that your session goes smoothly and that you have AH-mazing senior portraits to remember this time in your life. You’ll be able to look back at your senior portraits and remember how confident, beautiful, and happy you felt!

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