March 10, 2024

Clouds Portraits at Studio253 | Amanda Howse Photography 

Clouds Portraits at Studio253

This year’s Clouds Portraits at Studio253 were double the fun! Literally! Over the years we have done various versions of these “In-the Clouds” portraits. Sometimes we add twinkly lights, sometimes colorful collage walls, but this time, we did something completely new: double the clouds! Luckily none of the girls got lost! Jump into all the fun with us and see if you can spot a special guest in the photos below. 

Cloudy With a Chance of Seniors

For this monthly shoot, we transformed our Downtown Studio space into a celestial dreamland! We filled the loft up their waists with tons of puffy “clouds” and let them frolic, roll, and relax to their hearts’ content. The girls dressed in cozy, pastel sweaters to match the cozy vibes. Along with doubling the amount of clouds, we also did something else different this year. Instead of planning this shoot for later in the day, we had the girls come in early in the morning. The light is different at this time of day which results in totally different photos to the ones we would get a night or mid-day! 

Spotlights and A Special Guest

Once it got dark, we brought out the lightsaber and strobe lights to get some cloudy nighttime shots. We always have so much fun playing with the lighting and having the girls pick which colors they want. What’s even more fun? The surprise guest: our resident fairy! While she looks remarkably similar to our Senior Team member Miss Gracie, we’ve been assured they are not related at all. Could have fooled us! All we know is that we love having her around and hope she visits again! 

More Than a Portrait Session

These shoots allow all of us to get to know one another more in-depth. Our session hours are spent having fun, being silly, and tons of talking. Good, bad, ugly, we cover it all! During the year, I also get to visit each team girl at their “thing.” From sports to clubs, jobs, plays, performances, dances, etc. and even supporting them on senior nights. When you join the Senior Team, you join a community of women who have your back. AHP Seniors is about more than just a few portrait sessions (although those are AH-mazing!). This is a group of girls that show up for one another, no matter what! And how special is that?

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Let’s Connect!

Want to join the AHP community and be a part of the best Senior Team in the PNW? Now is your chance! Applications for the Class of 2025 are open now. To get all the info about what to expect, the perks, and what previous team girls have said, head over to our brand-new Team website!

Clouds Portraits at Studio253 | Amanda Howse Photography