December 22, 2023

Tacoma Senior Dance Portraits | Amanda Howse Photography 

Tacoma Senior Dance Portraits

For high schoolers who are looking for a place to shoot their Tacoma senior dance portraits, you have to come visit me at Studio253! Located right in the heart of Downtown Tacoma, this spot is ideal for dancers of all specialties. We have huge, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer tons of natural light as well as the option to use custom lighting when needed. Many dancers have used this spot for their senior portraits, fun photoshoots with friends, or custom headshots. The latest senior I had the pleasure of working with is Miss Kayla: dancer, Model Team member, and Class of 2024 senior! 

Spunky Seattle Christian Senior

Kayla attends Seattle Christian School and is a member of my 2024 AHP Model Team! But, I got to know her well before she applied and joined the team. Her older sister, Miss Olivia, took her portraits with me last year. Kayla came along as a supportive little sis and I just fell in love with her spunky attitude and style! I knew she had to be on our team the next year and was so happy when she agreed to join! Kayla brings such a fun energy to our group of girls and as you will see from these senior portraits, really shines in front of the camera! 

Dance Studio and Style Closet

I love offering custom senior portrait sessions that showcase the unique talents and personalities of each individual. With our dancers, we typically start in the studio with traditional ballet outfits and dance costumes before we venture out into the city for some fun and adventurous shots. In the studio, we also have the AHP Style Closet where you can borrow some stylish outfits that will perfectly complement whatever look you are going for! Kayla borrowed her cute corset top from there and it fit her like a glove when it came time for her downtown shots!

Learning How To Pivot on Location

For this session, we went to four different Tacoma destinations. Tacoma offers a plethora of stunning locations for portrait sessions, from the vibrant Rose Gardens at Point Defiance to the scenic views at Dunes Park. You can also find charming historic buildings all over the place! Our team is always ready to pivot quickly and move to a new location if needed. In this case, the need was a fire! As we were shooting, numerous past girls began messaging me that there was a brush fire at Ft. Stilly and it was being evacuated. We decided to switch our itinerary and headed over to Dunes Park instead. Even with the last-minute swap, we got some AH-mazing sunset photos with the cutest flower props!!

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Let’s Connect! 

If we have to move locations at a moment’s notice, there are still lots of ways we can give your senior portraits the exact look you envisioned. Want cool daytime or sunset senior photos? We got you! Ask about our “lightsaber” when you apply for your senior portraits and I’ll tell you all the ways we use it during our sessions! The schedule for Class of 2025 bookings will open on March 15, 2024: sign up here to get ahead of the new year!

Tacoma Senior Dance Portraits | Amanda Howse Photography