April 30, 2023

5 Things to Do with Your Senior | Amanda Howse Photography

5 Things to Do with Your Senior Before They Leave for College

As the days start to dwindle, finding the best things to do with your senior before they leave for college can become a huge worry for parents. The countdown for moving is on and prioritizing time with your child becomes even more important than it felt before! But connecting with busy teens can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 ideas for you and your senior to do together before they pack up for the fall and head out. Even if you don’t get all of them checked off the list, remember, these moments are all about building memories together and having fun! So, let’s get the party started! 

5 Things to Do with Your Senior Before They Leave for College | Amanda Howse Photography

1. Have a Coffee/ Lunch Date

This idea is perfect for teens and parents who always seem to be on the go from one place to the next. Even for families with the busiest schedules, grabbing a quick drink and pastry at your favorite coffee shop (like Fika in Puyallup), or a bite to eat at a local cafe can be turned into a meaningful moment. It’s a great chance to catch up on your senior’s latest interests, talk about college, or just relax and people-watch together. Plus, no matter where you are, you’ve got to eat! So take a couple of extra minutes and make the most of little moments like these with your kids when you can get them. They add up fast and can be more impactful than you think! 

Ideas For Parents During Their Kids Senior Year | Blog by Amanda Howse Photography

2. Play Tourist in Your Own Town OR Plan a Trip Together

Planning an end-of-the-year senior trip is a great way to celebrate your child’s hard work and spend some much-needed time together at the same time! This can be something as big as an international trip, or as simple as playing tourist in your very own town. Let your senior pick a place they have always wanted to go, or a new spot that opened up that you haven’t gotten to try yet! You can make an itinerary together or decide to just wing it and have a spontaneous outing. There are tons of opportunities to have great adventures together, no matter the destination! 

Things to Do With Your High Schooler During Senior Year | Blog by Amanda Howse Photography Senior Year Graduation Trip | Tips For Senior Parents From a Professional Photographer | Blog by Amanda Howse Photography

3. Apply For Colleges

People, no matter their age, are on their own timelines. Which means applying for colleges, technical schools, or post-graduation jobs come at their own pace too. But whenever the moment arrives, helping your child apply is something they will be more than grateful for. Even if they don’t act like it now! If your senior is already set on their school or job of choice, there are tons of other ways you can help them out before it comes time for them to leave. Like searching for dorm items or new supplies they are going to need, or teaching them life skills for solo living. Your baby might be moving out, but trust me, they will always need you! 

Supporting Your Child During and After Their Senior Year | Tips For Parents From a Senior Photographer in Washington | Amanda Howse Seniors

4. Get Professional Photos Taken Together

Whether it is with the whole family or just a one-on-one date, getting pro photos taken together is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your senior! If you have never had portraits taken before, scheduling time to get all glammed up and spend a couple of hours with your senior will be a fun new bucket list item to check off together! You’ll get tons of great photos to remember the day by. Which can be use for a cute going-away gift to give your senior when they are feeling homesick. Oh, and I guarantee you both will end up laughing a lot! Head to the bottom of the page to get more info on how to book a portrait session with your senior this summer! 

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5. Make the Most of the Boring, Everyday Moments

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you two do. It just matters that you did it together! So enjoy the boring, everyday moments together. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or at the park. Make a special meal together. Watch a funny or heartfelt movie with popcorn and your favorite snacks. Let them teach you something new, maybe a TikTock dance, and laugh at how bad you are at it. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to show them how much you care. You built some AH-mazing memories that both of you will share forever, and that’s what matters! 

Make the Most of Every Day Moments | Tips For Senior Parents After Graduation | Blog by Amanda Howse Photography5 Things to Do with Your Senior Before They Leave for College | Amanda Howse Photography

Let’s Connect!

Book professional photos with me before your baby leaves for college! Summer and fall sessions are a great time to schedule that last-minute hangout before they fly the nest! Head over to the AHP Senior website to get in contact with me, or send us a DM on our Instagram! Spending time with your child before the venture off in the world is so important. I can’t wait to help you build some AH-mazing memories together!

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5 Things to Do with Your Senior Before They Leave for College | Amanda Howse Photography