October 16, 2020

Senior Photography Workshops & Continuing My Education | AHP

Senior Photography Workshops & Continuing My Education

I have been a photographer for more than 17 years, but my education is far from over! I take senior photography workshops and courses to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest skills, editing methods, and equipment. This means I constantly push myself to make sure I am offering my clients the best experience for their senior portrait sessions.

When choosing a high school senior portrait photographer, it is so important to choose someone who has a solid education and plenty of experience. I’ve shared before about what it means to be a published and featured photographer, and part of that is constantly honing my craft and making sure I stand out from the rest.

Senior Photography Workshops

There are so many resources available to photographers, and taking workshops led by talented photographers is an investment in my own business. I have participated in the Evoke Workshop with Holli True twice. This workshop in Oregon is ah-mazing! Holli packs so much into a three-day course, including tips on posing, location scouting, the best camera settings and equipment, and everything in between.

Falling in Love with Photography at The Evoke Workshop

The first time I attended the Evoke Workshop, it was in Bend, Oregon. This is where I fell in love with photographing high school senior girls! It was such an awesome experience to work with other senior photographers who are so passionate about what they do. And I realized how empowering being a high school senior photographer truly is. I simply love helping these girls see themselves in a new light. It’s such a confidence boost for them. I want every senior girl I work with to see their natural beauty and cherish this ah-mazing time in their lives.

I couldn’t wait to go back to the Evoke Workshop a second time, at Holli’s studio in Eugene. Learning more about how Holli approaches studio photography pushed me to try new things. Thanks to her tips, I can offer even better experiences for my seniors at my studio in Tacoma.

Continuing My Education at the Kitchen Sink Workshop

In addition to the Evoke Workshop, I have attended other workshops tailored to high school senior photographers. This includes the ah-mazing Kitchen Sink Workshop (KSW). In 2019, I attended KSW in Houston, Texas, to learn from the famous Amanda Holloway, a renowned senior photographer. Photographers attended from all over the country to learn more about shooting senior portraits, but also about the business side of photography. Being a senior photographer is so much fun, but the not-so-fun details are just as important. This includes saving money, learning about taxes, and running a successful business like a boss babe. And it was so inspiring to be surrounded by other women on the same path.

I have also taken online courses that keep me up to date on the latest trends. Investing in my education has helped me build a thriving business that serves my awesome seniors and their families. I am so grateful to the seniors who have trusted me to capture their senior portraits!

Scroll through for some of the gorgeous portraits that I took at these workshops, along with details on how to get your senior portrait session scheduled.

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If you are ready to chat about your senior portrait session, it is easy to reach out on my website. You can also email me at [email protected], or call/text me at 530-412-0730. I can’t wait to chat more!

Senior Photography Workshops and Continuing My Education | Read the blog to see why it is so important to choose a senior photographer who invests in her education! | Amanda Howse Photography