November 1, 2019

2021 Senior Model Team | Amanda Howse Photography

2021 Senior Model Team

How do you want to remember your senior year?

Each year, I open up applications for the AHP Model Team in November. This VIP experience gives you a chance to remember your senior year in a totally unique, AH-mazing way.

With every senior portrait session, I want my clients to feel confident and comfortable. I also want them to feel beautiful! Every part of the AHP experience is designed with that in mind and amplified for the AHP senior model team.

The Perks of Being a Model Team Member

There are so many benefits to being an AHP Model Team member! My model team gets exclusive access to my schedule for their summer senior portrait sessions. This gives you priority on picking your dates so you can start your senior year with your portraits ready to go! I also host fun photo shoots throughout the year with different themes. This gives you a chance to remember each season of your senior year – from celebrating the 4th of July in the summer to picking out a pumpkin at the patch in the fall, to cap & gown portraits before you graduate. Trust me when I say your senior year will fly by. I want to help you remember every part of it.

I choose just 20 girls to represent AHP in order to provide an exclusive VIP experience. Only a couple of girls from each school are selected, so you get to meet seniors from all over the area that you might not meet otherwise! I love seeing new friendships form each year. I also capture your important relationships with fun BFF and boyfriend shoots.

Every part of the AHP Model Team experience gives an added boost of confidence. I want you to feel pampered for your senior portrait session! Professional hair & makeup is included to highlight and enhance your natural beauty for your senior portrait session. I also schedule fashion consultations and give you access to the AHP Style Closet, which is full of the season’s latest trends and stylish accessories. You’ll look and feel your best for your senior portraits.

What Sets Us Apart

The AHP Model Team is different than any other senior rep program out there. It’s not about completing a list of tasks or promoting my business. The AHP Model Team is about building a community of high school seniors who want to form friendships and celebrate this AH-mazing time in their lives! I created the AHP Model Team to give you an unforgettable senior year experience. It gives you the chance to express yourself, build your confidence, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Every year, my seniors tell me what an awesome experience this was for them and how much it meant to capture their senior year in such a unique way.

The AHP Senior Model Team experience is personalized for you. From your style consultation to your professional hair and makeup, the AHP experience is tailored to your needs and what you want your senior portraits to look like. And that experience continues after your senior portrait session with a premiere ordering session. I am passionate about making sure each of my seniors have portraits that they love and can’t wait to share with the world.

Live It Up Your Senior Year

The AHP Model Team represents girls from all different walks of life.

I want you to live your senior year to the fullest. To be the boss babe I know that you are. To show the world you are ready to slay.

Your senior year should be all about you. I want to help tell your story with images that will last a lifetime.

And when you see those images, you will remember the confidence and strength you felt during this amazing time in your life.

Class of 2021, it’s your turn.

Submit Your Application

Apply to be on the 2021 senior model team here!

You can also read more about the Model Team, including a note to the parents, here.

And scroll through to take a peek at some of the fun shoots the 2020 AHP Model Team got to be a part of.

Remembering your Senior Year with Group sessions | AHP Model Team | Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Cute Class Year Group Portrait Session with Balloons | Amanda Howse Photography Styled shoots for senior portraits with the AHP Model team | 2021 Seniors Apply Now | Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Gorgeous BFF Senior Portrait Session with Fun Themes | Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Fun poses and BFF shoots for 2021 Senior Model Team | Amanda Howse Photography Tacoma Seniors Model Team with Senior Portrait Photographer Amanda Howse Group of High School Senior Girls from Different Schools | AHP Model Team | Amanda Howse Photography Senior Year Portrait Experience on the AHP Model Team | Amanda Howse Photography Fun Experience for Senior Year | AHP Model Team Experience with Amanda Howse Photography Class of 2020 Model Team Seniors | Group Shoot Photographed by Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Benefits of being an AHP Model Team Member include exclusive themed shoots photographed by Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Cute High School Senior Model Team Portraits Photographed by Amanda Howse at Wild Hearts Farm The Best Way to Remember your Senior Year | Group Portrait Sessions with the AHP Model Team photographed by Amanda Howse Senior Portrait Group Session for the AHP Model Team | Photographed by Tacoma Senior Photographer Amanda Howse Cute pumpkin patch senior portraits photographed by Amanda Howse | 2021 Senior Model Team Applications Fun Group Shoots for the AHP Senior Model Team | Photographed by Amanda Howse Photography

Contact Me!

If you have questions about the 2021 Senior Model Team, or if you want to chat more about senior portrait sessions, just reach out on my website. You can also send me an email at [email protected] or call/text 530-412-0730!

2021 Senior Model Team | AHP